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small imagesBecause every Intellirecreation client has a different objective with their online store, we build the look and feel of your web site with the attributes you need.

Online Bookings

Our online bookings module allows your guests to book anytime, for those tee times you wish to make available. The bookings can be made for individuals or groups- at the times and days that make sense for you to open up your availability.

If you wish to block out times because you have a group booking, then that's entirely under your management.

Set your pricing for different times of the day- that's under your management.

Collect all of the information you want about your guest so that you know what their profile is, so that you can target market back to them through our CRM system (Customers Really Matter).

Because every intelliFore™ client has the goal of making their bookings site personal, we build the bookings interface with the same look and feel of your web site with the attributes you need. So contact us with your requirements and increase your revenues through being always available to book!

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